Remember Me…I Was a Really Good Writer

27 Jun

Nora Ephron put her best writing foot forward. She wrote, turned that into books, screen plays, scripts, movies and even a column where she bashed other idiot columnist who had no clue what they were talking about. She put her best out there and even though she “Hail Mary-ed” a few times, for the most part, her stuff was all really, really good. Nora passed away yesterday at 71 but that’s not the most important part of her life…her writing was.

So what’s my point, you may be asking. Well, I wanted to send props out to Nora of course, but I also wanted to use her passing to make a point about us writers….writing is our legacy and we can’t forget that…ever. Our writing is what we do throughout our lives and it is also who we are, but it is also what we leave behind. One of the really cool things about writing is that it stays in the atmosphere long after these bodies we are borrowing, for the short time we are here on the planet, have become worm food. The writing lives on and that is really something to be proud of.

I make a point to keep a journal for my kids. I want them to know, someday, after I have joined the rest of the energy in the Universe, that I was human. I went through a lot of the things they did and it mattered. In today’s hurry-up-and-do-everything-fast world, we hardly really get to truly know anyone, including our kids. I think leaving a record behind is a good thing…it will one day help people understand a little bit of me, just as I hope my writing will do.

So keeping that in mind, we, as writers, need to make sure that what we leave behind is our best. I know, I know, I have a few stinkers in the hopper too but that is okay, those stickers will fall away if we write other things that are better. My advice to you all is, don’t hold back….write and write a lot and write well. Someday, someone will look back on your work and that is important, even if we aren’t Nora Ephron.

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Jai is a full-time writer in the Pacific Northwest. An award winning journalist and published author, Jai writes mystery thrillers, ghost writes articles and books as well as feature articles for several national magazines.
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