My Feelings….OMG…My Feeling…..

29 Jun

If you read the title of today’s blog and you didn’t feel totally stupid…you should have. Unless you are 2 years old and dad just ran over your favorite truck with the backhoe, you really have to let this phrase go if you are going to be a writer.

I get my feelings hurt from time to time. And sometimes it doesn’t even have to do with who may have drunk my last beer. Sometimes it has to do with something I wrote. Imagine that, a grown-up…smittering over some stupid verbiage…..what’s the world coming to?

The world of writers revolves around emotion. The very stories that we write have to be fraught with emotion because, if they aren’t, they aren’t very good stories. Emotion is the target for those of us bearing a pen and wielding it like a Ginsu Knife in the middle of a Chainsaw Massacre family reunion. Emotion is what sells, emotion is what leads the stories that we write down the path of, oh-I’ve-read-that… We NEED emotion BUT…..wait for it….wait for it…we don’t have to BE the emotion.

Yes emotion is important but if we allow emotion to take over our work and even our lives, we will accomplish nothing except finding a new way to blow our noses on printer paper. Writing is hard but criticism is harder….it will hurt at times. Having to pass up a family get together because you have to write…it will also hurt at times. Missing a movie you really wanted to see because you have editing to do…well even that hurts to some degree but I’m here to tell you…get over it. We writers need to learn to USE our emotion not be enslaved to it. If you run around telling everyone how much your “feelings” hurt, how the heck are you gonna get anything done?

So be friends with emotion, talk to emotion, hell even jump into bed with emotion from time to time…but once you’re through with it…walk away to feel another day. Our emotions are important but keeping them in check is essential to becoming a better writer.



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Jai is a full-time writer in the Pacific Northwest. An award winning journalist and published author, Jai writes mystery thrillers, ghost writes articles and books as well as feature articles for several national magazines.
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