Books on Writing….Give me…Give me….Give me….

06 Jul

I am a writing book junkie. If I could pump the advice of other writers straight into my veins, I would. I love all kinds of books on how to write, why to write, if I should write, writing Zen…if it’s about writing, I’ve probably read it. I know…silly huh?

I don’t necessarily read books on writing because I am trying to learn how to write better. (Although if I do…great!) I read books on writing because it makes me feel closer to the craft. It’s like the guy who is builds cars so he subscribes to all the mechanic magazines…I’m that guy only with a pen instead of a wrench. (and better hair…) Books on writing can help you stay up on all the latest things that other writers are trying. They allow you to see into the world of other writers and see what their tried and true methods are. Who knows, you might even find something that might work for you.

Writing is an ever evolving thing. Some of it is static like the basics…there are only so many ways a person can type, develop outlines and do formatting…but the other stuff like, when you write, how you write, where you write and so on…those things are always open to change. Case in point….for years I was an early morning writer and over this last year I noticed that it was becoming increasingly hard to get up in the a.m. and do the work and I couldn’t figure out why. I picked up Anne Lamott’s book on writing and she pointed out that as we age our writing needs change. Her suggestion although simple, had never occurred to me….she said; try out different times of the day. I took that advice and now I write at a different time of the day and it works. If I hadn’t read that in her book on writing (which I love) I wouldn’t have made that change or if I had, it may have taken me a lot longer.

If you are a writing book junkie, it’s okay….we understand. There really is nothing wrong with you other than you are aware that, as a writer, you need to be continuously growing. So buy those writing books and soak up all that information…then, once you’ve “made it” in the writing world, (whatever that means) maybe you can write a book on writing of your own and you too can help others.


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