24 Jul

The supposed “experts” say that when you are writing you should focus on your reader. They will suggest that you even go so far as to “make a reader up”…give him/her a name, a background, likes and dislikes and then write for THAT specific person. I call BS!

The only person that you should truly write for is…well…yourself. Hold on…before you go jumping all over me, hear me out. You can go ahead and write for someone else real or imagined but that isn’t going to please the one person in your life who should truly matter…you. It’s your passion so why would you give that away. Why would you want to live up to someone else’s expectations instead of your own?

While I understand the flawed logic in the whole write-to-a-specific-person logic, it doesn’t really make sense. We aren’t as unique as we think we are…after all according to statistics there are 7 million people in the world…if it’s true that we are one in a million, then there are…like…at least 7000 people out there exactly like you and chances are they will buy your book if you write it for you…right?

I know, I’m being silly there but still, you might be surprised at how many people out there will enjoy your writing just as it is written to please you. If you follow your own passion then the writing will be better because you are invested in it personally. Now that makes sense, right?  So don’t write to an audience you don’t even know…write to the one you know quite intimately…you. Write what gives you the warm fuzzes instead of trying to love up to everyone else’s expectations. You might be surprised at just how many people will share those warm fuzzes with you.


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