Don’t Make Me Waste my $12….Bring on the Passion

02 Aug

“[The writer] has to be the kind of man [or woman] who turns the world upside down and says, look at it, it looks different, doesn’t it?”  ~ Morris West

We all write for different reasons. Some write because they want to make a lot of money. (and seem to think that is possible…go figure) Some write because those who came before them wrote, a mother or father or grandfather. Some write because, for them, it is a spiritual act. Then there are those who write because…well…they simply don’t know how NOT to write. I fall into that last category.

Whatever your reason for writing and where ever you choose to do it, one thing matters above all else….that you bring passion to your work. I have been sitting in the stall of a gas station bathroom and seen more thoughtful writing than I have in some full blown books. Just because you have a published book, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily “get it”. I started reading a book not too long ago that I put down after page 3. I knew after page 1 that it was bad but I had to torture myself with 2 more pages just in case I was wrong. I wasn’t wrong…it was awful and someone somewhere published it….despite it’s awful-ness. The reason it was so bad…no passion. You could tell that the writer wasn’t involved in the story at all. I felt sorry for the others out there who spent their $12.

Passion is something the reader can feel. It is the one and only necessary ingredient that makes a story worth reading. If your story lacks passion it will fall flat as sure as Uncle Jeb’s pancakes. (and Uncle Jeb’s pancakes are pretty darn flat…and awful) A writer has to be full of passion, the kind of person, as Morris West says, that turns the world upside down to show you, the reader, how different it can be.

So if whether you write on the bathroom stall, the computer or Uncle Jeb’s pancakes, bring your passion with. If you lack the passion someone out there will see it and feel sorry for the folks who spent money on your books too. Passion…bring it…show folks the world turned upside down and then tell them why they should care about what they see. Then you will be a great writer!



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One response to “Don’t Make Me Waste my $12….Bring on the Passion

  1. thehealthywarrior

    August 4, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    HI Jai. Thanks for another great post.


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