Reset Sunday- Shop, Shop, Shop…No Really it’s Research

26 Nov

It’s that time of the year when people go crazy and shop until they are broke. Now I don’t advocate shopping until you are broke but I do however, advocate shopping in general. A Reset Sunday is a great time to put your keyboard aside and take advantage of the sales going on.

I use this time of the year to buy all of my writing supplies. Everything is on sale, like paper, pens, notebooks, software…anything a writer might need for the next year. Today I visited a Office Depo and got a great office chair for cheap. (Yeah commercialism…) I also picked up a case of paper and priced some new printers. If I don’t get all of the stuff on my Christmas list, you can bet I will be taking advantage of those after holiday sales.

There is one more thing that holiday shopping offers the writer….research. It’s is the one time of the year when every type of human possible is at the local mall…what a great opportunity! People watching is never better than this time of the year. I grab a note book and head for the nearest mall bench and take notes until the book is full. As a writer you can pick up on phrases, emotions and even the holiday argument…

So today or even next Reset Sunday, head to the nearest mall. First buy those supplies at cut rate prices and then spend some research time getting great character ideas. Hummm…..did I just give you a great reason to shop? (You can thank me later)

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