Maybe I’m Amazed

09 Dec

supportAs many of you know, I recently published in e-book form. It’s been an interesting journey into the realm of the Netherlands we all call the internet. This is a scary realm where there are people who use viruses like graffiti and body-less opinions that can cut to the bone. Sometimes I wonder if it should all come with a warning that reads, “Enter at Your Own Risk…Here be Monsters”…

Over the past several days however, in the words of Sir Paul McCartney, Maybe I’m Amazed. I am pleasantly surprised at the help you guys have all offered…I no longer feel like Tom Hanks with that soccer ball in one hand and an ice skate in the other….

I have gotten great comments and ideas. I have learned a lot and people have been…well…nice?! Who knew? I have to admit that while I have always prided myself in helping others the best way I could, I hardly expected the comments and good wishes I have received thus far….in the words of my 12 year old daughter…you guys rock!

One of the comments I received yesterday from one of our community,  Birgit ( was very helpful and she also made the comment that she sometimes has a bit of a time remembering to “comment”. It made me think about my own comment habits and I have to say that I get involved in work and end up telling myself that I will do it on that ever elusive day called “Later” too.  I think “Later” is a day between Monday and Friday on the work week calendar….I forget exactly….which is probably why I don’t often get around to commenting because I keep forgetting when exactly “Later” is.

Birgit and others, (and yes I am talking about you too  who bothered to take the time to give me an “atta boy” on the new book made me realize how important commenting is. We, as lonely writers, need that positive feedback.  So folks, if you read a blog regularly that you are gleaning some semblance of knowledge from or that is making you smile…tell the blogger…he/she will really appreciate the support.  And the knowledge that they aren’t just out there in cyber land talking to themselves like the homeless guy down on 4th street spraying the Febreeze into the air screaming fresh air here….true story by the way…we have dubbed him Melvin and we appreciate his efforts when the wind is blowing off the compost center….


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2 responses to “Maybe I’m Amazed

  1. Birgit

    December 9, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    I cannot believe you EXPOSED me as reluctant commenter!? Oh well, I deserved that, hahaha!
    And look – hopefully not another kind of Christmas Miracle – but I comment again, yay!
    Joking aside, it’s true that there are many (including myself, obviously) who suffer from this strange affliction that makes us read blog posts before rushing off again, leaving out the possibly-maybe-leaving-a-thought-or-two-in-that-elusive-comment-section. It’s basically like watching the show and dashing off without doing that thing with your hands, what’s it called again, yeah right, applause …
    … that said, here’s a round of it for you today!

    • thewritersadvice

      December 9, 2012 at 4:41 pm

      Thank you. And thanks for the inspiration for today’s column.


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