Kickstarting My New Project

25 Mar

Dark-Corners5I am finishing a 70,000 word thriller that will tell the story of a young couple who discover that the horror of their family past has been passed on to them along with the family home. The story marries all the elements of a thriller, a supernatural story as well as some government conspiracy throw in for intriguing back story.

Although I have a few books published through “traditional” publishing houses, I thought it might be interesting to self-publish this one. More and more authors are finding this a great way to get their work out there AND keep some of the hard earned money that comes in as a result of their work. This project is my throwing my hat in the ring.

The money raised will help pay for the many aspects of self-publishing. The cover was created by an incredible up and coming artist named Jordan Colvin. (I’d love to pay him for his work) and there is some editing that needs to be done before we can toss this thrill ride of a story out into the world.

So visit Kickstarter and the project page and see if you can help me get this project going at



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