What’s In a Title? Everything!

24 Feb

1505118_731420476877071_1884885058_nWriter’s Note: First let me say that I am back after having recovered from a long and complicated surgery. I apologize for my absence but this was a tough one. I am on the mend now however and ready to jump right back into it so….let’s jump.

How many of you have picked up a book, or lord forbid bought one, and discovered that it wasn’t at all about what the title portrayed it to be? I know I have and it really irritated me. Let me first say that, as a buyer, we do need to be aware of what we are buying but if I am hanging out in a book store and a title catches my eye, it should at least be somewhat about what is between the pages….right?

These days I think that too many writers are trying to be “cute” with their title choices. They are either trying to play on words or trying to catch the reader’s attention. While this works with tabloids there is quite a difference between investing in a book at $12.95 and investing in a tabloid at .95 cents. If I am going to pay for a book I would much rather the title be reflective of what the content is. A book is an investment in time and money and by Pete I want to make sure that I am spending my money on what I think I am spending my money on.

This is not to say that you can’t get creative with your title, you can, but make sure that you are clothing your book, not just your demented sense of humor. Make sure that your title speaks of what the reader will discover within the pages so that…1. You don’t sell goods that don’t exist, 2. You don’t irritate your readers because the book is not what they think it is and, 3. that you aren’t trying to “trick” the readers into reading your stuff. People, especially readers remember stuff like that for a long time…chances are you won’t get that reader back a second time because they feel duped.

So when you get to giving your work a name, remember to give it a proper name that fits the story. Don’t try and be cute or shocking…just be honest and let your story speak for itself.

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