Technology - How Can Something so Wonderful be so Frustrating?

20 Mar


I am a gadget person. What does that mean? Well, it means that my spouse hates it when something new comes out that makes noise or lights up. It means that my office is a cornucopia of toys that walk, talk and otherwise flash cool colors. It means that whenever a new “tool” (that’s what I call them, “tools” it kind of makes that whole justification thing easier when it comes to spending the money) comes out, I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Now keep in mind that this means I have collected a lot of crap over the years that now has a place in a box in the garage but now and again I end up with something really helpful. Case in point, my Galaxy Note 10.1. I love this gadget and, to some degree, it has really been helpful with my writing. I can write anywhere, anytime and I can have my work where ever I go. Yes I had to buy all the accessories - the mouse, which required a special piece that allowed it to plug into the Note, a case that allows the Note to stand at the right angle when working on it, the keyboard because everyone knows how awkward the on-board keyboard on a tablet is and a bag to carry it all in. Yes my spouse looked at me sideways when the cash register just kept ringing up but in the end I love the Note and will upgrade at some point. Here’s the problem though…I don’t fully use it in the way it was intended because, well, I’m kind of old fashioned.

While it is fun to collect gadgets, when it comes to an actual functional gadgets that allow you to work better, change can be tough. I am used to my laptop and it is easy to use. Everything is all in one place and I don’t have to “learn” anything. It’s easy, it’s known and the unknown is what scares me. So instead of using my Note to it’s full potential I play at it. I learn just enough to look like I can justify the price of it and I go no further. I am screwing myself.

Here’s the thing fellow writers…time is a tickin and it waits for none of us. We can all sit on our laptops or, heaven forbid, our paper and pencils, and never feel the rush that comes with making our job easier and more accessible or we can get on board and meet the future face first. Yes technology is wonderful and yes it can also be frustrating because we have to learn a new thing but in the end you have to ask yourself am I wasting time with the old school ways? I know I have been. My Galaxy makes it easier to see clients and do work onsite, I don’t have to lug around my laptop which weighs more and it gives me access to whatever I need whenever I need it…I just have to learn how to use it properly.

So here is my challenge to you my fellow writers….embrace technology. Check out the new gadgets and see what might work to help you do what you do better. I know young writers who are churning out several books a year; they have embraced the future. I would also challenge you all to share here on the comments below what kind of newer technology you have been using. If it works for you it may just help some of the rest of us too.

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