I’m so Good I Could Teach it

24 Apr

There are a number of things that I am pretty good at. I’m pretty good at making stir-fry. I’m really good at annoying my kids. I am an expert at making the spouse question why she never questioned my dusting skills at the beginning of our relationship. You know what else I am good at? Procrastinating.

Yep, of all the really annoying things that I am good at I have to admit that procrastination is on the top of the list. Keep in mind that I have the best of intentions when I sit down to work but then I have to answer my e-mails, check out what’s for dinner, cruise the internet, wait…I HAVE to check Facebook…damn it now I have comment on Facebook….it goes on and on.

I know I’m not alone. Procrastination is the bane of any one who works from home. It’s too easy when there is no one standing over you cracking the whip. No one is going to tell me not to check Facebook (or Twitter, or Instagram, or Google+) and no one is going to tell me to get back to work. There’s only me and sometimes I suck at cracking the whip.

So here’s my secret to getting things done…and it doesn’t always work but most of the time I can get something done. I have to schedule the crap out of myself. Yep, I have to schedule everything, checking e-mail, Facebook time, writing, editing, annoying the kids…all of it. I sit down at the beginning of the week, usually on Sunday, and I lay it all out. Keep in mind that life sometimes happens and things get moved around or delayed but having a basic plan helps.

So if procrastination is the only thing on your list of things to do most days try scheduling your week out and schedule EVERYTHING because it is amazing how the smallest of things can bounce us back into the procrastination zone.



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One response to “I’m so Good I Could Teach it

  1. May 20, 2023 at 2:50 pm

    I heard about that word but never think of it that way.There was some new to me. Thanks for that.


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