Shortcuts in Writing Are Killing the Art

09 Jun


We live in a world of ridiculousness…. No longer do we communicate in actual words. I would love to blame this on the “younger” generation but, to be honest; we allowed it to happen so we are as much to blame as our lazy kids are. Lol, WTF, ROFL…where does it end? I’ll tell you where it should end…when you are writing your book.

I actually picked up a book the other day in a Barnes and Noble where the author used these shortcuts in their actual book. Not in the dialogue mind you, which, although it would be annoying, you could reason out to some degree…but in the actual story itself. I wanted to throw the book across the room and scream what the hell. (WTH for those of you who can’t follow the English language anymore)

We are doing a disservice to mankind by advocating the use of these lazy verbal shortcuts. With the practice invading my reading I’m now more annoyed than ever. Never mind that most of our parents, those folks who are still inclined to pick up a book and read, have no freaking clue what any of those mean…but how lazy a writer does one have to be to use these within story? Several of my children use “kk” in place of “ok”….really????!! It’s harder to press the “O” as opposed to the “K”? Egads!

Writers…please….please….please….think twice before you use these lazy shortcuts in your books. I beg you as both a fellow writer and a reader. Our languages and the use of them are currently getting massacred on a regular basis as it is…we do not need to shove it over the edge. As a writer our job is to tell a story…not create a book that you need a decoder ring to read. So before you ask WTF in your novel…think twice…help us save the art of language and the passion of verbiage…



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3 responses to “Shortcuts in Writing Are Killing the Art

  1. June 9, 2023 at 9:42 pm

    I hate to admit it, but often i gaze mystified at the phone, and sometimes the comments on my blog, and i have NO IDEA what all those little letters mean and - not wanting to appear OUT OF TOUCH - where does one find out what they mean?… is there a book? like ROFL.. my brain cannot do it! what does it MEAN!.. ah well, so many shortcuts just cause short Outs of the brain.. c

    • thewritersadvice

      June 9, 2023 at 10:28 pm

      Me too….and there is no book yet…I checked….

      • cecilia

        June 9, 2023 at 11:57 pm

        better get busy and write one then..though it would go out of date as fast as a phone book! have a good one.. c


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