Stabbing People For Real is Illegal…So Write

06 Aug

It is the end of summer…technically…. It’s the last month of guaranteed sunshine and it is the month that everyone loses their minds and tries to fit ALL of the stuff they had hoped to accomplish into the next 30 days; my household is no different. My spouse is trying to finish all those “projects” in the garage, my daughter is trying to spend every waking moment with her friends (because OMG she won’t see them when school starts right?) and my youngest son thinks that the request, “please empty the cat box” translates to “go out and hang out with your friends”.

For me, as a writer, the month of August is very frustrating. I need to get my winter writing organized and I need to finish the book project that I have been working on all summer but I now have to do that in between running the kids around and picking up stuff at Home Depo for the spouse. I don’t mind doing these things except that this month the “running errands” has become constant and I am finding myself missing my chair.

I used to be able to juggle all this stuff with no problem but I’m getting a bit older and I find myself needing a little more start time on some things. The real rub, however, is that writers need solid blocks of time to create and around here those solid blocks are few and far in-between. I decided this morning that I need to have one of those conversations with my family.

It is tough to not feel a little guilty when you aren’t helping out so much around the house but keep your eye on the bigger picture…that writing you are doing is bread and butter too so you have to do it. Often times families feel that since you work from home your time is bendable but it’s not if you are consistently writing. And at my house it isn’t just the folks who live under my roof, it’s the grandkids, the adult sons and friends. Today I am sending out an e-mail to those who don’t live here and simply reminding them that I do have a job and that from 9-5 I am unavailable. As for the ones at home, we will sit down and talk tonight but the boundaries have to be there otherwise I will get nothing done.

So set your boundaries…it’s important and it is the only way you will get anything done.



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