An Honor to be Considered Reprint able & Helping a Fellow Writer

18 Aug

Today I had something extraordinary happen. A young person from Vietnam wrote and asked my permission to translate some of the articles I have written here and post them on their new website to help writers in their country…I feel humbled.

I gave my permission of course because I believe that it is important that people from all walks of life have access to the information they deem important and helpful. I am always ready to help a new writer or group of writers do what it is that I love so very much. To be asked if someone can translate what I have shot out there is an amazing feeling.

Having said all of that, I want to add this….if you can help a fellow writer, do it. Writing can be a tough, lonely occupation. We see writers all the time who deal with depression and I believe that the main reason why is because of what we do. Having to live day after day with a million voices in our heads, all that emotion running to and fro…it’s enough to weigh on anyone. For me personally, having other writers to talk to helps a lot; I have writer friends as well as online groups that I can spend time with and those connections are important. They keep me sane.

It’s always funny to me that no one really questions when fellow computer geeks or office workers go out for a drink or hang out together but when it comes to writers; they look at us funny. The bottom line is that everyone needs support and we are no different. As a writer you should want to support as well as be supportive. Reach out this week and talk to a fellow writer; spend some time connecting. It’s important.



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