The World of Reading is changing but that’s Okay

07 Jul

Books are some of my favorite things. As a kid I used reading to escape the horrors of childhood and to learn about the world. I read everything I could get my hands on and still do. I would actually sit at the breakfast table and read the back of the cereal box if I didn’t have a book. Books actually kind of had a hand in raising me so my loyalty to them today reflects that.

I know that the world of books is changing. I own a Kindle and shelves of books. I own the Kindle because I can literally carry all my reading material around with me and I still buy books because…well…they are books. As a writer I have a natural love for the smell of a book and I still like to see my own work published in the traditional sense. Although I recognize that electronic publishing is still publishing….for me, it’s not quite the same.

Those of us old writers (the ones who have been around before the advent of the Kindle or the Nook) tend to still want paper books around. For me books give a home a warmer feel. The younger generations however lean towards the electronic age and don’t even purchase actual books anymore…I think that this is sad. Let’s be honest there are some down falls to having all your reading material on a Kindle…

  • What if the power goes out and you can’t recharge?
  • What if you get a virus and lose all your books?
  • What if someone takes the cloud down and you can’t get access to your books?
  • And of course the biggest reason of them all….zombie apocalypse…need I say more?

In terms of these scenarios having a paper book is a good thing which is why I personally have both. I understand that technology is changing the way we live but don’t let it change you so much that you never experience the coolness of owning actual books with actual paper. There is a certain thrill in cracking the spine of a book for the first time and then dog-earing the pages. You can’t do that with your Kindle. My advice….own both. Take advantage of the electronic books in terms of being able to have your collection where ever you go but also invest in some traditional books so that you don’t forget where we, as writers, have come from. Reading is changing, and that’s okay but be mindful that there are advantages to both types of books.

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