Sanity??? What’s That and Where Do I Hide From It?

27 Jul

Some days I think that sanity is an illusion. Life, after all, can get pretty crazy and when it does and all hell breaks loose, I run and hide in my pages; all writers do. There is just one small problem with doing that though…most people don’t get it and will run you down for turning to your writing during tough times….don’t accept that.

As a writer my writing is my anchor. It is not only what I do, it is literally who I am. When I hide out in my pages it isn’t me avoiding life, it is me doing what makes me feel safe, and for a moment, sane. It amazes me that people in other professions never get questioned when they hide out in their work. The guy who stays at the office later, the minister who takes time to pray alone or even the waitress who refuses to cook or serve the family at home…everyone understands them and why they do what they do. But hide out in your writing and most people will look at you like you are nuts.

The core problem with this is that most of us have folks around us who think that writing is a “hobby”. It couldn’t possibly be a “job” if you aren’t making tons of money doing it. I am not only a novelist but also a freelance writer. I take many writing jobs and I make decent money at it, it pays the bills, at least some of them, but I still have family and friends who deem my writing a hobby and not a job. I have learned over the years that I can’t really fix this…some folks are determined to just remain stupid. I, however, know what it is I do and I am proud of my work. I make no excuses for hiding in it from time to time.

So when life gets ridiculous, don’t feel bad if you have to run and hide in your writing; it’s the best place to go. Yes we have the added incentive of being able to run free in a created world of our own but that is one of the bennies of being a writer…we have someplace to go when things get tough. Make no excuses for how you deal with life’s insanity…if you were a minister you would just lock yourself in a room and pray and no one would say a word…so lock yourself in a room and write…in my world, after all, that’s a form of prayer too.

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