My Family Needs Me to Wear a Writer’s Mood Ring

07 Aug

Writing can be very emotional but those who don’t write…they don’t get that. I have two kids living at home and two living outside the home and whenever any of them talk to me when I am in the middle of writing they are always surprised that I am not actually listening.
When I write I need to be focused in order to be in-touch with the story. I need to feel the emotions of my characters and when I am in a particularly tough area where a lot of characters are doing a lot of stuff I can’t just stop and change lanes. My family often doesn’t understand that and end up with the, she’s just being pissy tude. It is really frustrating that after all these years they still don’t get it.

Chance are they may never understand so I have had to move on and just live with it. My advice to you is to do the very same thing. Write and do so with reckless abandon and the understanding that, no matter how much you try to explain…most non-writers will never understand….and that’s okay.

Writing is one of those things that is a total mystery to those who don’t do it. You get silly questions like, how do you come up with ideas and do you always have a story in your head, or, one of my favorites, do you enjoy making stuff up? The way I write is to create characters, breathe life into them and then let them do what comes naturally and what comes naturally of course comes with a lot of emotion, all of which I feel too throughout the story.

So baring a mood ring that helps folks see what writing mood I am in, it will always be a crap-shoot for those who live with us writers….and that’s okay. If we are not feeling the emotion after all we are really not writing a good story.

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