Remembering that YOU are a Writer

24 Aug

I write so much that I forget that I am a writer. Seriously. I write other people’s books (ghosting), I write articles, I write press releases, I write blogs…I write constantly…all day long….every day. But sometimes….I forget that I am a writer.

While I think it’s cute the way you tilt you head slightly to the left and look confused…allow me to explain. As a writer who makes a living writing it is easy to forget that you also have work of your own to do. I really do write all day, every day but it is on other people’s stuff. I have a tough time, for instance, keeping up with this blog. I enjoy doing it but my work is the very first thing that I push aside when I have other projects. The other project are money coming in and my projects are often money coming in someday. Here’s the thing I realized just yesterday though…I really have to stop it.

My writing was, after all, why I began to write in the first place. I had a story to tell….hell I had (have) tons of stories to tell and in order to be true to my craft I have to continue telling them, even while I tell other peoples’ stories as well. I sat here, yesterday, at my desk, feeling like a failure. I have two projects in the works and some editing to do and I haven’t touched any of it in months. A good friend came over last weekend and asked, where’s my book? She referring to the third in a series that I have been working on for some time. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it’s stalled on the first chapter. Then there is my spouse who has been waiting for “her” book to be finished for over 8 years.

So what does a writer do when they aren’t writing? The answer is fast, hard and easy…they need to write. I have to schedule some time for Jai’s writing just like I do everyone else’s. While the other writing pays the bills right now…eventually MY writing should pay the bills for the long run…if, that is…I’m actually doing it. So I got up this morning and I penciled me in. I scheduled my writing in alongside everyone else’s. The only way that my writing is going to get published is if I am actually…well….writing…

What about you?

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Posted by on August 24, 2022 in Writing


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