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But You Promised…………

02 Oct

I made a promise to myself a few days ago….and then I promptly broke it. I promised that I would sit down at least once a day and write. I do write every day but that is on other people’s stuff, not my own. My promise was to work on my own novels but, as I have been prone to do lately, I shoved my stuff aside because I had “other” work to do. I broke my promise.

Now many of you might be saying, why so down on yourself…at least you are writing…but that isn’t really the point. Sure I am writing but I am not doing the writing that makes me happy. I am not telling the stories that I have bottled up inside and that give me nightmares if ignored long enough. As a writer, it is the personal stuff that matters, otherwise it really does just become a job.
I have published novels and I am working on new stuff but let’s be honest, if I don’t get off my ass there will be no more published novels, only the glory of finishing someone else’s work. I do love ghosting but I also need to be creative; we all do.

So today I want you to do what I should have done….keep the promise. I will try and keep mine as well but in the end the only person who can police me is me. Make a commitment to yourself to keep on being creative and to take the time to do you. There is no shame in writing for other people but there is tons of shame in not stepping up to the plate and keeping your promises to your own muse.
Keep the promise and write…every day.

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