It’s RESEARCH Damn It!

13 Oct

There is a really cool little program that can help you, as a writer, control yourself. Seriously. As depicted in the art above most of us do spend a lot of time surfing the net when we really should be writing. I do it. I’ll check my email, check Facebook, check my author’s page…it goes on and on… Let’s admit it, the internet makes procrastination a lot more fun.

So what can we do to stop the madness? There are more than a few little programs out there that will help with this problem. The way that they work is by “blocking” you. Yep, there are programs out there that work like a girl’s best friend at a bar when you are trying to pick her friend up…it’s an internet blocker. (See what I did there…)

I have tried out a few of these programs. Write or Die is kind of fun but it allows you to jump back on when you want to. It had fun little graphics but the point is to keep you from going onto the internet and, to be honest, if I can just push a button and I’m back on, I’ll do it. So while Write or Die is a good concept it falls short of doing its job.

The program that has impressed me most is, oddly, called Webtrate – Stop Procrasinating, which it actually doesn’t allow…sort of…let me explain. Webtrate blocks you from the internet essentially jailing you into writing. (Not freedom but sort of freedom because now you are free to write. (Make sense?) The thing that is cool about this program is that once you engage it you actually have to turn off your computer and turn it back on in order to get back onto the internet. Sure that can be done pretty easily but it is just enough of a pain to make you consider just writing instead.

Webtrate is downloadable for both the MAC and the PC which is also cool. You can get it here and it’s practically free! ($5, We writers like cheap) So if you are like me and are just too damn curious not to surf the web, give this program a try. It’s worth the $5.

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