Happy Holidays…Now Leave Me Alone!

07 Dec

I love Christmas for so many reasons. I love presents, the little kids, shopping for folks I love, the lights…all the good cheer. There is one thing about the holidays that I truly hate though…everyone seemingly thinking that, just because it’s the holidays, you have time to stop and cater to their need to talk.

It’s bad enough that we all have to deal with relatives whom we never see any other time of the year except now but for some reason, because it’s the holidays, everyone also thinks that the world stops for them to visit…or call. My world doesn’t stop just because it’s the holidays…I still have work to do. Which also brings me to the other side of that coin…my clients, those I am writing for, also take the holiday off. They stop work until after January 1st and then get irritated when the work isn’t finished by the new year…it’s frustrating.

So if you have a writer in your life understand that, for them, the work doesn’t stop. In fact, there may even be some project that they are trying to complete before the end of the year so no we can’t join you for Christmas drinks, that party where you play Dirty Santa or for the 7th Christmas program in which your kid is in…we have to work. Just say Merry Christmas and move on people….



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