Feel the Writer….Be the Writer….

22 Jan

How many times have you restarted your writing career? I’ll admit it…I do it virtually every….single….day. For some odd reason, we writers seem to feel like we need to reset all the time. I think it has more to do with the lack of validation from others than anything else. I never “stop” working after all…

So how do you get validation in terms of what you do as a writer? Well, first off, stop asking for validation. There is really no point in trying to justify what you do to folks who muse over why you don’t have a “real job”. You know it’s a real job and that is what really counts. I have learned over the years that, in order to feel better about what I do, I have to act like a writer. It is too easy to lose track of being a writer because so many people don’t get it. But how does one act like a writer?

First off you gotta write. Every day. Yep…oddly…writers actually write and they do it ALL THE TIME. I work freelancing but that doesn’t count when you talk about “being a writer”. Sure it’s my job to write for others but to truly be a writer I have to also spend time working on my writing. So no matter what other writing you do….work on your stuff.

Second, make no excuses. Come on now…you’ve heard yourself do it, I know I have. Stop making excuses for not having a “real job” and tell those naysayers that you do have a real job…you are a writer. My mom is still waiting for me to find my true career and I was a journalist for over 30 years! Ignore those folks and stop explaining yourself.

Finally, jump into the deep end of the pool and create your own support system. Talk to other writers, spend time studying writing and treat yourself to all those really cool writer’s gadgets. My office is full of toys and things that light up but also books on writing, a tablet, a laptop and soon a Surface Pro…I’m a writer and those are the tools of my trade and I am not making any excuses for that…you shouldn’t either.

You have to BE the writer. So remember write…no excuses…create your support system. Ignore people who question your being a writer…you own it to your craft.

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