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Merry Christmas

198298_429335640453489_6737297_nMerry Christmas and happy holidays to you all. I hope that this Christmas was all you wanted it to be…. Thank you all for your support throughout 2012. I promise to continue to try and keep you amused in 2013!

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There Simply Are No Words………………….

For those lost in Newtown, Connecticut on 12-14-2012…….there are no reasons for the evil of this world just as there are no words to describe the pain in our hearts…we wish you a safe and comforting journey…and to those who remain to deal with the loss…we send the healing energy of love……

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Happy Turkey Day Everybody!

Well it’s that time of the year again when people everywhere gather around, eat themselves senseless and complain about how badly their football team is playing. As a writer, this day kind of frustrates me because I always get up wanting to write and my daughter begs me to watch the Macy’s Day Parade…the parade wins every year.

Take some time today to be thankful for your writing folks…some days, as we all know, those words don’t always come easy. Also be grateful for the folks who support your crazy writing fetish….they are the most patient people in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving…eat lots of food! (Oh and give thanks to those big birds too….it could be the other way around you know….see photo to your left…)

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Delicious M. Twinkie, Dead at 82

Delicious M. Twinkie (The M stands for “My”) passed away yesterday after a long Union battle. He was 82 years old. Mr. Twinkie was born in Schiller Park, Illinois in 1930. His father was James Alexander Dewar and his mother was a strawberry shortcake machine that passed away soon after his birth. He was named after a shoe. (no kidding)

Mr. Twinkie was an extraordinary member of society during his time as America’s Favorite Snack and had quite a colorful life. He served with the military in several wars beginning with World War II when he underwent a change from banana filling to cream filling.  Mr. Twinkie has seen many different occupations, some notorious. He is the only snack food to serve time in both kids’ lunches and with stoners after a good cannabis session.  Mr. Twinkie has served diligently as the general of the snack world and although he has been challenged for his title over and over again, no one can resist his appeal as a snack that may well out last the cockroaches after a nuclear bomb. (He was said to have been quite proud of that)

Twinkie was preceded in death by his mother the strawberry cake machine and his father James. He is survived by his sister Donets, three brothers Ho Ho and the Zinger Twins (Chocolate and Coconut covered), a step-sister Fruit Pie (and her many multi-flavored children), two step brothers, Cupcake and Ding Dong as well as his Uncle Wonder Bread. (There have been rumors over the years that Ding Dong was adopted but at press time this could not be clarified.)

Twinkie will be missed by many. During the initial announcement it was reported by mass media that stoners everywhere lit a bong in his honor and then cried helplessly as they couldn’t find him to eat in local stores. Parents everywhere are scurrying to find a replacement snack for the lunches of hundreds of thousands of little grade school children. Twinkie will be missed for his spongy yet oily cake and his creamy filling. A memorial service will be held however details will not be announced until the last Twinkie package has left the store shelves.

Rest in Peace my little Spongy friend…Rest in Peace…..


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I Got a New Dog and He’s Completely in Control Now

Writer’s Note: Monday’s Column…read it and you’ll understand why it’s late.

I did something kind of stupid…I got a dog…and now my life is in shambles. He’s been here 24 hours.

His name is Castle, (yes after Richard Castle of the television fame) he’s a Yorkie but not the little mini one, he’s full sized which makes him about 8 lbs., (he’s more medium than small) and he’s “people oriented”.

Now you might be asking yourself, “what the heck does ‘people oriented’ mean? I did too when the former owner said it yesterday as she dropped the dog off with his brush, a down-filled coat (he looks like a little duck hunter in it) and his travel kennel. She said he just prefers to be with people….and that, my friends, was an understatement.

Castle is a good dog so far, don’t get me wrong. My daughter is in love, my sons said ‘he’s small’ and my spouse (our family dog whisperer) was firmly attached 10 minutes after getting home from work last night. The concept of “we’ll try this out” is gone and has been replaced with “get used to him cause he ain’t goin nowhere”. But back to the “people oriented” thing….

Castle is a bit codependent on people. While I wanted a dog that would sit by my desk as I wrote, I got one that prefers to sit on my feet. He whines when anyone leaves and he has a need to “check in” (i.e. jump up in your lap and onto your desk) about every 20 minutes. Oh and did I mention he pittles in the house if you don’t take him out to the “front” yard? (Yep that was me in my robe and slippers waving hello to the neighbors as they left for work this morning.)

So….I got a dog. He’s been here 24 hours and he’s already running the show….I just didn’t see that one coming….


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Special Note – Get out Those Snorkels but be Safe

Good Afternoon folks. I wanted to take a moment and note that we realize that many of our readers on the east coast are now digging through that crap in the garage for their diving equipment. I wanted to wish you a safe night and make a point to say that, if you have been told to evacuate…do so. I understand the temptation to stay home and protect things but your life, and the lives of those who would have the task of rescuing you, are at stake here. Sandy looks like a very angry little lady so let’s make sure that we are all safe and warm while she throws her fit. Sending good, positive energy out to all my friends and readers!


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Today I was nominated for a blog award: The Liebster Award

I’m excited and honored that folks think that my blog deserved recognition as an up and coming blogger. It is an honor to have been nominated. This is a great site and Susanna Dvash, author of the blog site, is encouraging and courageous as she shares her journey. Now I get to nominate five blogs that I feel are great reads. So, because I think these blogs are worthy of being read and followed, my nominations for the Liebster Award are:

John the Aussie is an interesting guy. He fell into SF and Fantasy and now uses this blog to tell his stories. He is engaging and I admire him for being the kind of writer who just needs to tell a story.

So congratulations for being amazing. Here are the Liebster Blog Award rules:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog (that’s me).

2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you (that’s my site).

3. Copy and past the blog award on your blog.

4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to five blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserves to be noticed.

5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog.

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Hello Fellow Writers

There are a lot of writers out there. Some are doing well, some not so well and some are just starting out. As for me, I have had some success, but the road along the way has been more than a little bumpy at times.  After 28 years I have learned a lot about what does work and what doesn’t work. Now, that I have a little time on my hands in between projects, I have decided to share those things with those who are trying to make a go of it.

Writing is hard. Make no mistake; there will be plenty of missed family gatherings, having to explain that you have a real job and late night cram sessions when the final editing has to be done on deadline. Writing is not one of those things that you can wake up and decide one day, “hey I think I’ll be a writer”…you have to have a need to tell your story and you have to need to do it in such a way that others will want to read it. I’m not saying that writing isn’t fun; after all where else can you hang out with people whom you’ve met in your imagination? (Besides the local mental hospital.) Writing is made up of countless worlds to explore and, if you are patient and listen really closely, you even get to share what you find with readers all over the world.

So if you are a writer in long-standing, welcome. If you are a writer who is struggling, let’s figure it out. If you are a writer who has tasted success, come share with the rest of us. If you are a writer who just needs a little support now and again, visit often and I will do all I can to prod you on.

Welcome to The Writer’s Advice – Let’s get on with the story…..



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