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Dark Corners
Devin and Joni McKinney had no idea what their lives would become once they relocated to his family home in Benton Corners. They both hoped for a new start, but what they discovered was that sometimes family history can alter reality. The McKinney family had secrets…secrets that would seep out of the past and flood every corner of their lives with darkness….swallowing everyone in its path.
  • Grayson’s Ransom
  • Grayson and Dani had no idea what they were in for when they shared their first stolen glance and they couldn’t have imagined the sacrifices they would both have to make for their love. Two women, in love during one of the most turbulent times in the Nation’s history discover what it means to ransom your soul in order to protect your heart.

 Passion’s Revenge

  • The very first time they saw each other they were caught off guard by a passion the likes of which they had never experienced. It was a once in a life time connection that few are lucky enough to have but what would start out as attraction from across a room and become a journey into the most passionate relationship they had ever known will also be a path fraught with terror and danger. Love, as it turns out, sometimes has a deadly price.

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