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Christmas is Coming and I DO NOT Want…Boredom…Writers Just Wanna Have Fun

This is the next in our series of Christmas ideas for writers. One of the things that all writers need on a regular basis is fun. We live solitary lives and sometimes it gets really hard to hold to your sanity or sense of self-worth… So here are a few gift ideas that take our neediness into consideration and allow us to have a little fun along the way.

So these are this week’s gift ideas. Arguably there are a couple that are a bit more expensive but, hey, we deserve it!


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I’ll Take a Mocha with a Side of Please Shut Up….

How many times have we seen them….the commercials…you know the ones…the writer goes into a coffee café like Starbucks, orders a coffee, finds a quiet corner, opens up the ol’ laptop and churns out a novel…in a 30 second commercial…. After this morning I am here to tell you that it would never happen. Not the novel writing mind you…but the quiet corner thing…in a coffee shop…I know, I tried this morning and failed miserably….

I truly did. I had to drop my boys off for an early meeting at Best Buy (3 of my 4 sons work there now) and I needed to wait for a couple of hours until their meeting was over. (Didn’t want to drive all the way out there and then back and then out there again) So I decided to take my iPad into the nearby Starbucks and get caught up on my column…(yes this one) I ordered a 12 oz. Mocha….this made the coffee girl look at me like I had a tail. My spouse has now explained to me that no self-respecting coffee drinker would order a 12 oz. anything.  I took my coffee, and the rather large piece of lemon pound cake that I should not have bought, to a small table tucked away in the corner of the shop. When I went in there were maybe 4 people sprinkled throughout. I got out my iPad settled in and began today’s column only to be interrupted by a smiling 20 something taking a seat across from me. I looked up rather annoyed and the conversation that ensued went something like this.

Intruder – Hi, my name is Amy…are you from here?

Me: Yes

Intruder – I’m new to the area…are you are writer…cause I noticed that you have your iPad out and that cap on… (I own a baseball cap that says “Writer”…stupid to wear it this morning) and you were sitting alone looking all serious…I’ll bet you are a writer huh?

Me: (in my head) Are you kidding me? (Out loud) Yes, I am a writer. Nice to meet you and if you don’t mind I have work to do.

Intruder – I don’t mind…go ahead and write…I’ll sit here quietly. Won’t say a word…nope not at all…I love to read…are you published…would I have read anything you’ve written….blah….blah….blah…I’ve always wanted to meet a REAL writer…..

I gathered my things as Intruder Amy continued to babble and left the Starbucks for the quiet safety of my car. I swear to you…Intruder Amy was still talking AFTER I started the van and pulled away.  I defaulted to the Best Buy parking lot in 34 degree weather to finish this column.

So the next time you get it in your head that you are going to head down to the local coffee shop and get some writing done…head to McDonald’s instead…I’m pretty sure that it will be quieter….and there are hungry junk food crazed people there instead of over caffeinated 20 somethings who really want to meet a writer.


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But its Friday…………….

I don’t know about you guys but Friday is the hardest day of the week for me in terms of working. I have slaved away all week long at my keyboard, tucked away inside the house, void of most human contact. (some weeks you can call what happens between me and the kids “human contact”) I WANT OUT!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want out of writing per say. I want out of the house. If I don’t get out of the house I give up on my writing all together in favor of the couch and some Cheetos and no one wants to see that happen. So I pack up my laptop and I head for the door. Spring has sprung after all, so today I am heading to the park so that I can sit on a park bench and imagine myself some famous writer, hanging out at a park in Paris. I am gonna get some work done away from my desk right?

Be honest, you have always envied those writers that you see on television who have their laptops or iPads at some really cool beatnik coffee shop, hammering away, churning out the next great novel. They look so together sitting there working their butts off while everyone just looks at them longingly wishing that they were a writer….cue the screeching sound….what a minute…is that how it really works? I don’t think so….

When you are out, laptop in hand, people feel they have permission to talk to you. Writing done??? Please…folks see that you are trying to turn your laptop on and they ask, “Are you a writer?” You dumbly nod your head and from there it’s on. A million questions from this stranger who seems to be very at home in a coffee shop. That first guy becomes a second when the yahoo sitting at the next table hears you talking. The barista stops at the table to see if you need anything and asks how long you’ve been writing. You tell her a long time hoping that she will go away but instead she tells you some story about how her mother’s sister’s step daughter’s cousin also writes. A fourth person leans in to listen as well. Someone asks you what you are working on and you tell them a book. Now they want to know what the book is about and a fifth and sixth person joins the crowd. It’s a couple who look like your Uncle Jack and his mistress Maria. (who is also the maid I might add…Aunt Clara has no idea.)

Before you know it, a crowd has gathered so you quietly turn off your laptop and shut the lid. Everyone is asking questions. What do you write; where do you get your ideas; do you know Stephen King…you smile and answer as best you can. Well you were going to get some writing done…the heck with that now. You smile and tell the Uncle Jack look alike, sure, thanks, you’d love a latte…what’s the use…it is, after all, Friday.

Writer’s Note: Still try and get out of the house and write on Fridays…just don’t be surprised if you don’t actually get any writing done.


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