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Holiday Sale #2

Passions-Revenge-cover1-217x300For the holidays the prices have dropped on 2 of my books so that more people can purchase them. Visit Amazon today and support the starving writer…

Visit Amazon to purchase Passion’s Revenge for just $3.

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Christmas is Coming and I DO NOT Want…A Partridge in a Pear Tree OR…a New Toaster

318426_380990151995376_1482159467_nIt’s sneaking up on us folks…that last little bit of panic-oh-my-Lord-it’s-Christmas –time-already spasms. Are you feeling sick to your stomach because you still haven’t found something for that spouse who won’t give you a Christmas list and says, “no honey you don’t have to get me anything” but you know you have to either find that special gift or move to Canada? (For those of you who are reading that last line and thinking to yourselves, hey, that’s what my wife said…run fellas…run to the nearest jewelry store! It’s a trap! Buy her a gift, buy her a gift!) If you’ve been putting it all off….stop it…it’s time to suck it up and go to the mall.

In the spirit of last-minute-gift-ideas this week’s Christmas gift idea column will consist of stuff you can get at the mall or at a local retailer. Let’s face it, if you were gonna order stuff online…the moment has passed. So here we go….

So there you go…last minute gifts that you can run down to the local places and get for the writer in your life. Now I invite the rest of you to comment on this column and add your own ideas. Come on show us what you’ve go and let us copy….


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