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Autumn Electric – On the Road to Making Music History



 As a writer I am always looking for music that will spark inspiration when I need it most. Recently a friend suggested I give Autumn Electric’s “Make Me a Tree” album and I have to admit I was impressed. The album is a collection of songs that obviously were written with aspiration of making their mark on the world of music. Released June 28, 2012, this album offers the listener a song writer who is as apt in vocals as he is guitar and flute. Lead vocalist Michael Trew leads a band of talented and determined musicians on the album including Naomi Smith who commands the piano, synths and melodia as she supports Trew with backup vocals. Percussion specialist Daniel Desrosiers sets the beat of the band along with lead guitarist Barton McGuire who also specializes in the saw, accordion and harmonica which lends to an undercurrent of folk sounds that can be heard in strains of the song “Spaghetti Western”. The group is rounded out by Johnny Unicorn who serves as producer, engineer and lead bass. Special guest Lauren Zeck added string arrangements on the album.

               This album is a strong showing for this talent group of Washington artists. “Make Me a Tree” was introduced at a tour in early Feb 2013, where this talented band dedicated most of the proceeds from their shows to benefit Grief Recovery Centers. Shows benefited causes such as The Dougy Center in Portland, and the Sacred Heart Hospice in Eugene. Currently the band is working on their next album while continuing to promote their early work. Autumn Electric currently includes Michael Trew, Naomi Smith along with Max Stiener on Lead Guitar and Bass, and Chris Barrios on Drums.



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Reset Sunday – Play that Funky Music Everybody

I love music. I love any kind of music. I am partial to jazz but I listen to just about everything that isn’t violent in nature. (I don’t get a lot out of rap or heavy metal with the exception of Eminem who is an incredible story-teller) Music calms my soul, makes me happy, picks me up when I am down and it helps me write better.

As a creative spirit writers tend to be connected to everything else creative as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that just because you are a writer you can also paint or do pottery…just ask my freshman creative arts teacher….she will tell you that I might as well had made the assigned class pottery project with my feet….it was just that bad. But, I am saying that, because you are a writer, you tend to be moved by other forms of creativity and that is a very good thing.

I often use music to help me focus on my writing. I love to peck away at the keyboard with some form of music playing away in my ears. Depending on the scene I am working on I can also often set the mood for the scene with some form of music that plays to the tone I am trying to set. Music is an amazing forum through which to write and live your life. A commercial once touted that it was playing to the “sound track of our lives”…it was an ingenious play on the concept and profoundly true even if it was being used to sell something.

Music really is the background through which we should live our lives. It has been scientifically proven to help in healing, lowering blood pressure and even having a positive effect on violent criminals as well as a whole host of other things. Music, for the writer, is our connection to the universe. Today, your mission is to stop and listen to the music of your life and try to see the connection it has to your story as well as the stories you create. Stop….listen……and discover the soundtrack of your life.



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