Reset Sunday – Definition of “family” – People Who Know You Are Crazy But Keep You Anyways

29 Apr

It’s Sunday once again and we, as writers, are taking a break. This morning a word about family, and what that means to us as artists and creative people. We have a house full. Eight people under one roof and two of them are under the age of 2…it’s been an interesting week. Our son and his family are staying for a bit, our grandkids are 8 months and 2 years old. Needless to say, I forgot what it was like to have little people around. It’s both fun and terrifying all at the same time.

As a writer, I have to carve out my writing time as it is, with little people under foot, it becomes even more of a challenge, but one that I am totally okay with. (I am really enjoying this whole grandparent thing) But here is the thing…I also have to carve out time to spend with my family too and Reset Sundays are the perfect time for that.

Writers live lives surrounded by other people of their own making. It is easy to get so involved with those folks that you forget about the ones who allow you to live with them. I know that, as a writer, I’m not easy to live with. I get up at all hours to write. I demand quiet when I am intensely working. I often spend 8 hours of more mired to my desk. I get paid intermittently. And I have a pension for talking to myself even in the middle of a conversation with other people if I happen upon a story idea or the answer to a plot problem. It goes something like this:

Me: So what did they say?

Spouse: They said that he did a handstand in the middle of the parking lot, naked.

Me: Naked? Really?

Spouse: Yes and then he ran up to Dr. Smith and asked for a ham sandwich.

Me: (Faraway look on my face…) Ham sandwich…ham sandwich…that’s it! (Runs to desk and starts pecking away at the keyboard. Victim killed with poisoned ham sandwich…problem solved)

Seriously, this happens all the time. Yet my spouse continues to allow me to live here and doesn’t have me committed to the closest mental health facility. (Although I’ve been threatened with it a few times) My family loves me, or at least keeps me around for comic relief…but the point is; they keep me around. So today, on Reset Sunday, spend some time with your family. They give you the support you need to do what you love…writing.


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