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30 Jun

I discovered a nifty new piece of software that I am just over the moon about. (Okay, I admit it…that was the dumbest saying EVER….I had to try) This piece of software does something that has put a new little spin on my editing process. It reads to me.

The software is for the iPad and it’s called Write & Say. I cut and paste a piece of my work into this little baby and just like that I have a woman (or man, you can pick) reading what I just wrote to me as though she (or he) were reading my actual manuscript. Coolest….thing….ever…..

Now, before you panic because you don’t own an iPad, don’t despair…there are other versions of this software for the MAC, PC, Kindle and any other number of gadgets that yanked all that money out of your wallet. All you have to do is locate it on the internet and most of them are downloadable for free. Here’s the thing, this is a great tool for all you writers out there. I know that MS Word has always kind of had a text reader but it was always stiff and the words always sounded like Robby the Robot was reading them. The Write & Say program is smoother and sounds more like an actual reader. I like it because it gives me a chance to see how my work actually sounds to a reader.

Those of you who follow me know that I am a huge gadget guy. Anything that can make my work easier, I am all for it. This little cheap piece of software ($1 on iTunes) makes the grade in terms of helpful-little-cheap-software-I-can’t-live-without.

Again, there are other text readers out there but this is by far the coolest with the little switch that allows your reader to have a British accent. (Everything sounds better in a British accent, try ordering a hot dog some time in one…I swear they will give you extra mustard without you having to ask) Its fun and it’s helpful in terms of being able to listen to your manuscript. Being able to listen to your manuscript, by the way will help with a number of things, not the least of which is your sense of rhythm within your story.

So take the time today to download a text reader and give it a try. I’m telling you its fun…and it’s alright if you get a little goofy and type in cuss words too….I won’t tell anyone.



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