Really Cool Software to Help you Write…Wait, What do you mean I Actually HAVE to Write???

25 Oct

I am a gadget person. As I have pointed out before, if it lights up that pretty indigo blue or makes cool noises…I’m your writer. I love my iPad, I love neat little software programs and I love my iPhone with Suri who calls me “Writer Jai”…I admit it…I am a geek. But there is some danger in loving all this stuff…let me explain…

I am a writer first, a geek second, at least that is my struggle. It is very easy for me to get distracted with all of the bells and whistles and forget to, well, actually write. I get a new writing program and I spend so much time trying to master it that I lose sight of the whole reason I got it in the first place…to help me write. It’s kind of silly when you consider it.

My advice to all you writers out there who are like me and love the “cool” factor is to proceed with caution. By all means go out there and find the cool writing stuff but make sure that you are also taking time to write while you are doing it. I am constantly on the lookout for programs that will make the whole process easier but, let’s be honest, if I’m not actually writing….what’s the point of the programs.

Having said all that, I wanted to share a few cool writing programs with all of you. Check them out; one might just work for you. If you have suggestions for me, bring them on…I’m game.

These are just a few of the iPad and computer programs that I think are really cool but remember, explore these and others BUT don’t forget to write. There really is no point in programs to make writing easier if you aren’t actually writing…..

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Jai is a full-time writer in the Pacific Northwest. An award winning journalist and published author, Jai writes mystery thrillers, ghost writes articles and books as well as feature articles for several national magazines.

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2 Responses to Really Cool Software to Help you Write…Wait, What do you mean I Actually HAVE to Write???

  1. October 25, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    Thanks Jai. This is really good things to know.

  2. October 25, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    not being a gadget person i might stick to Word and just write. unless of course there is one that is free, ridiculously easy to use, will fix my spelling and grammar and make me look pretty. I am still enjoying reading your pages.. thank you.. c


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