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A Book is A Book is A Book


I have a Kindle. I also have an extensive library of good old fashioned paper books. I also own a Galaxy 10.1 that has the Kindle software on it and I have occasionally, while waiting in the car for my spouse to finish shopping, read on my smartphone. I like to read but more importantly, I don’t care what format a book is in….it’s still a book.

These days there is a war raging between those who embrace technology and those who think that we are killing off the original book formats, hardback and paper back. Those who embrace technology will say things like;

·         I can now read wherever I want.

  • ·         I can take my entire library with me at all times.
  • ·         I can easily order a book and wham, there it is. No waiting for delivery.
  • ·         I’m saving trees by reading on tech.

Those who fight for the original book format say things like;

  • ·         The tech will eventually cost you your eyesight.
  • ·         We are losing the “art” of reading.
  • ·         You aren’t a “real” reader if you use tech.
  • ·         The death of books (in the paper format) means the death of the book altogether.

There are other things they say too but the bottom line is that this is a subject that has clearly divided readers and writers and it shouldn’t have. Here are my thoughts….a book is a book no matter what format it is in. I kind of side with Margaret Atwood on this one and say, hey however folks want to read, yeah…they are reading. What does it matter of someone orders my book in paperback or in a digital format? They are still buying my book, right?

I remember when I was young hearing the same argument between hard covers and paper backs. Book snobs thought you should only own hard covers while the rest of us understood the value of both buying paper back (cheaper) and the fact that the size of the book made it easier to take with. Now…some 30 years later, that argument is back only now it is digital vs paper book and you know what? It’s the same argument but with two different formats and the bottom line is still the same…at least readers are reading.

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