What People Are Saying About Jai

how-to-write-a-book-reportHer first novel, Beyond the Call, received wide acclaim. Since that time, Jai has penned two more novels and hundreds of articles as well as historical pieces on subjects ranging from writing to Greek history. Jai is now working on her next novel, “Dark Corners” which is due to be completed the Winter of 2013.

“Jai’s love of storytelling is infectious. Once you read one, you have to read all of her books”.
-Michelle Bayers, Washington

“I’ve never been sucked into a story like I have been in novels by Jai Farris. Her characters feel like the people who live on your block”.
-Thomas Ackers, Oregon

“I actually had to sleep with the bathroom light on after reading “Beyond the Call”. I can’t wait for her next book.”
– Sarah Finnegan, North Dakota

“I devoured “Deceptions” so quickly that when I finished it, I had to turn to the first page and start over! I loved it!”
-Summer Clemenson, Washington

“I wanted to leave a comment and tell you what a wonderful writer you are. I read your story in A Cup of Comfort and it made me feel so warm. I recently picked up the Chicken Soup for the Soul – Cancer Book and your story in that book was also heart-warming. I had to hug my son after reading it. Keep writing.”

Tim Cruz, California

“I finally got a few minutes to check out you web site.  Very nice job.  I don’t know if you designed it or not but it is great. More importantly, I am very impressed with your writing.  The rhythm and candor is refreshing and draws me in to make me want to continue to turn the page. I am so PROUD of you.”

-Kay Harp-Lovelace, Bakersfield


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