Write a Good Story Because There Aren’t Any Out There

30 Aug

I took some time off yesterday and I sat down and watched television…wait…nope…that ain’t true…I flipped through the channels looking for something decent to watch to no avail. It was frustrating to see that there really is a bunch of crap out there on television these days and it is even more frustrating to realize that it is because there are no decent stories out there to base it all on.

Today we see books being published so quickly that no one is actually looking into whether they are good enough to be published. No longer is there an editor or publisher in the mix to suggest that a story be changed or more focused or even written better. These days want-to-be authors write a book, self-publish and it’s done, out there for the world to see good or bad. I long for the days when young writers had the resources to make their stories better…now they don’t even realize when it’s bad until it is already out there.

Here’s the connection to the television shows…we writers are the ones who inspire those shows…if we are bad, they are bad. Without good material there can be no good movies or shows. I don’t know about you but bad television actually encourages me to write….I need better material to watch during my down times!

So folks, get to writing and make sure that you utilize an editor if you are self-publishing. Yes it is easy to publish and that is kind of cool but these days being published does NOT make you a good writer. Anyone with a little time and the gift of rambling can get a book out there which just makes it that much harder to weed through the offerings in order to find something good to read. There is an old saying, just because you can doesn’t mean you should, and this applies to writing books too. If you are good, get us some good material out there…if you are bad…find another thing….writing just might not be your thing.

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