I am in a Love-Hate Relationship…I Love Writing, I Hate Editing

04 Jan

It’s true….I’m in writing relationship that I often can’t stand. As a writer we are creatives…we create but then, when the time comes to editing, it’s like cutting against the grain…it just don’t feel right.

I admit it, I hate to edit. I believe that most writers feel this way. Editing isn’t a creative process, it’s a clean-up-after-yourself process and who likes to do that? I have a tougher time sitting down at my computer if it’s for editing than I do for writing. When it comes to writing I am excited…I’m breaking new ground…I’m creating. With editing I am rereading my crap and realizing that, although it sounded great the first time around…some of it really sucks.

The key to getting through the edits is simple…we have to change our thought pattern surrounding the process. Editing can be seen as a creative process if you open your mind to the idea that, sometimes, editing can show you new pathways within a story. I have an editing client who, once we began the editing process, realized where his story was lacking and ended up adding 7 more chapters. You have to see editing as a part of the entire process and not something that keeps you from the “real” work.

I know many writers who have lost book deals because they didn’t bother to edit…don’t be that guy. Write, edit and then submit it…that is the process. I do need to add, for the record, that I still hate the editing part of my own writing but here I have to take my own advice or I am defeating myself.

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Posted by on January 4, 2023 in Writing


One response to “I am in a Love-Hate Relationship…I Love Writing, I Hate Editing

  1. Julia

    January 4, 2023 at 4:45 pm

    With me the pictures go the other way round. I hate writing the first draft and my mind feels more like your second picture. Editing for me is pure bliss. I’ve got the story down and ‘beautifying it’ holds no fears for me but that first draft?! it plays havoc with my writerly mind.


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